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Miss Salon London Menlyn Maine Price List 2019



Manicures | R280 | 45 minutes
The Miss Salon London Signature Manicure ensures you leave with beautifully groomed nails. Cuticles are treated with Cuticle Vanish Cream and Nuture Oil. Hands are washed and massaged. Nails are shaped, buffed and perfectly painted... we take painting VERY seriously!

Pedicures | R320 | 45 minutes to 1 hour
Our Signature Pedicure is a real treat. Feet are buffed and buffed until they can be buffed no more! Toe nails shaped and cuticles treated. Feet scrubbed and scrubbed, washed and massaged... really this one is not to be missed! "For some additional luxury and soft feet for weeks, add the Milk&Honey soak to your pedicure... Divine!"

ManiPedi | R600 | 60-90 minutes
Double wammy! Get our Signature Manicure & Pedicure, as described above, for less! "We do our best to try to get 2 nail techs working on you at once!"

French Polish | R50 extra with a manciure or a pedicure
Our french polishing is second to none. Perfect perfect absolutely perfect! "We promise!"

Milk & Honey foot soak | R150 | 10-15 minutes extra
"A must-try!" As Cleopatra knew only too well... Milk is one of the most luxurious ways to exfoliate your skin. Its natural alpha hydroxy acids work to lift and remove dead skin cells revealing a softer, smoother you! Honey is soothing and healing on the skin so a foot soak in warmed Milk & Honey does wonders for dry feet.

Medi-Heel Pedicure Extra | R200 | 20 minutes extra
"The chemical peel for the feet!" The Medi-Heel solution removes dead skin cells in a single application and is a completely safe chemical peel for the feet. In order to soften the stratum corneum, a number of keratolytic chemicals can be used, medi-Heel is such a product and it only dissolves dead skin cells under the feet.


Full ManiPedi (normal polish) | R600
Full Manicure | file, clean, cuticle work, scrub, buff, massage, paint (normal polish) | R280
Full Manicure with Gelish or Shellac | R390
Soak-off, full manicure and re-application Gelish or Shellac | R450
File & Paint only (normal polish) | R150
Gelish or Shellac Only | R330
Refill Gelish or Shellac | R250
Soak-off and re-application Gelish or Shellac | R390
Nail repair (any) | R0 (complimentary service)

Full-set Acrylic or Hard Gel | R420
Refill Acrylic or Hard Gel | R330
Overlay on natural nail with Acrylic or Hard Gel | R350
Pedicure | file, clean, cuticle work, scrub, buff, massage, paint (normal polish) | R320
Pedicure with Gelish or Shellac | R500
Soak-off, pedicure and re-application Gelish or Shellac | R560
File & Paint only (normal polish) | R150


Nail Art (per nail) | R5 - R50 per nail
Medi Heel Foot Peel | R200
Milk & Honey Foot Soak | R150
Foot or Hand Massage (per 15 minutes) | R150
Paraffin Wax | R100
Soak-off Only | R150
Gelish Soak-off with another nail service | R60
Acrylic Soak-off with another nail service | R100
French (gel, acrylic or normal polish) | R50


Brow threading | from R100
Brow Tint | R120
Full Face | R270
Chin/Upper lip/Other face | R70 each

Full-set Lashes | R900
Refill Lashes | R450


Brow wax | R140
Brow wax & Tint | R270
Underarm | R200
Bikini | R150
Brazilian | R270
Hollywood | R350
Leg | R250
Arm | R150
Back | R300
Chest | R300


Mineral Foundation | R500
Mineral Contour | R350
Mineral Blush | R250
Mineral Bronzer | R350
Banana Bread & Butter Banana Bread Setting Powders | R450 each
Mineral Highlighter | R280
Flat Blending Brush | R300

Skintone Colour-Match | complimentary
Event Makeup | R600