Menlyn Maine Salon

The time has come - after two and a half years - for us to finally surrender to the fact that our beautifully created but far from home Menlyn Maine salon must close. Distance got us in the end as we were unable to nurture its growth with as much attention as we intended. R2million and 10 managers later ; it's over.

We had some really beautiful experiences and in honor of 'MSLMMC' - Miss Salon London Menlyn Maine Central - we will be posting many of the best memories we made there over the years.

Thank you to our wonderful Pretorian clients that supported us through our many ups and downs in Menlyn. Your MSL Menlyn Maine LOYALTY CARDS & Gift Vouchers will be honored in our Johannesburg salons. Plus Pretorian clients can enjoy 20% off on your first visit to us in our Morningside or Parkhurst salons 💖💯

Thank you for the experience Pretoria!! 🙏
With the best of intentions,
Ego Linda Azania 💕💕💕

Still booming and churning out greatness are
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#MSLParkhurst 0118806377

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