About Us

Miss Salon® London are boutique nail bars in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are more of a luxury girls club than just nail bars. Plus... we like things, MSLONDON® Mineral Makeup & nice things... we look for them from all over the world and bring them to you through the salons and our online store.
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Meet Ego, Linda & Azania

Azania Mosaka | Instagram @azania_ | Twitter @azania_ | Azania LOVES...
Partner at Miss Salon London Parkhurst & MSLONDON Cosmetics, Azania is a trusted media personality with TV and radio broadcasting experience spanning more than 15 years. Over the years, Azania has build a massive female following through her shows because of her passion and commitment to issues affecting women all over the world. She has now brought her ability to connect with her audience into the beauty industry which she has always loved. Mother of two!

"Every day is different, and that's what I love about the salon. The conversations with our clients are the best; from detox, to our children, to work, our hopes and aspiration; I'm always enriched. Not to mention all the laughter over bubbly…"

Linda Jangulo | Instagram @lindajm1 | Twitter @lindajangulo | Linda LOVES...

Partner at Miss Salon London Morningside, Menlyn Maine & MSLONDON Cosmetics, Linda was born and bred in Zambia, loving Johannesburg. Linda worked as a Corporate Flight attendant for 10 yrs before settling to be full time in the business. Mother of four boys!

"Having a hands-on approach at Miss Salon London Morningside & Menlyn Maine; from helping clients choose their nail colour, talking about latest fashion trends and where to shop, makes us the salon with a difference. I personally value family above all else and the MSL clients have become family over the years..... I love being a part of the Miss Salon London family"

Ego Iwegbu | Instagram @egoiwegbu | Twitter @egoiwegbu | Twitter @misssalon | www.misssalon.com | Ego LOVES...

CEO & Founder of Miss Salon, Miss Salon London & MSLONDON Cosmetics, is a Londoner living in Johannesburg. Ego opened her first salon in 1999 in London's Selfridges&Co and Topshop Oxford Circus. Passionate about this industry Ego went on to open 5 more salons, write books on salon business and start a consultancy to help other salon entrepreneurs succeed. Mother of two boys!

"Miss Salon London is home away from home for me; I love being in the salons. They're bright, fresh, fun and super cool. I thoroughly enjoy meeting the women these salons attract. I treat myself to being a client at least once a month just to check that the experience is still GREAT!"