MSL Foundation Blending Brush

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Get the most from your MSLondon Mineral Foundation!

This flat-top short blending brush is a must for applying your MSLondon Mineral Foundation - Special Feature - Firm flat brush gives the control needed to apply and blend MSL Powder Foundation to perfection. Also good for dusting on your MSLondon Banana & Butter Banana Bread Setting Powder.

Step by step...
  1. Dip your flat-top blending brush into the powder through the special mesh
  2. Place onto your skin - dabbing action - releasing the powder where you need the most coverage
  3. Once most of the powder if off the brush, then with firm circular motions or more dabbing motions blend blend and blend (did we say blend haha) it onto your skin!

    Please watch our YouTube videos showing you how to use our awesome mineral makeup

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