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The SETTING POWDER that'll change your makeup finish forever!

See Banana Bread in action here #MLBananaBread

The MSLondon Banana Bread Setting Powder is a translucent powder with a hint of highlighting qualities. Dust it lightly over your MSLondon Mineral Foundation, Blusher and Contour to set your makeup for day and night. It can also be used to maintain a shine free T-Zone, highlight under the eye and brow areas to create that contoured/strobed look.

NEW! Butter Banana Bread Setting Powder is slightly more 'yellow' and is particularly awesome on Caramel 4, Coco 1, Coco 2 and Coco 4 skin tones!

One of our star products; it is a must for all makeup users!

“I like to use it in conjunction with my mineral foundation and Beauty Fix… I spray Beauty Fix before I apply my MSLondon Beige 4 foundation powder, then spray again, then apply more foundation powder, then banana bread, then spray again… my makeup doesn’t need touching up again all day!”

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