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MSLONDON MASTERCLASS at Woolworths Mall Of Africa

Posted on February 04, 2018 by Ego Iwegbu | 1 comment


Our first ever masterclass in mineral makeup. Ego Iwegbu, Azania Mosaka and Linda Jangulo mineralised over 40 women at our first MSLONDON counter in Woolworths Mall Of Africa.

They discussed the difference between mineral makeup and other makeup; they demonstrated how to use the powder foundations, banana bread, contours, bronzers and blushers. The feedback was amazing.

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Becoming an MSL Franchisee!

Posted on January 20, 2018 by Ego Iwegbu | 6 comments

In 2018 we have finally decided we are ready to franchise our wonderful salons to equally wonderful entrepreneurial franchiseeeeeees! We are in the process of preparing the essential packs for success. Please register your interest in becoming an MSL Franchisee by sending an email to including your CV and where you are located.

Read more... Becoming an MSL Franchisee

Welcome to 2018!!
How exciting!

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Natasha shows us how she applies her MSLondon Minerals...

Posted on August 26, 2017 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

From ordinary to fabulous! Hair and Face!
Natasha - MSLONDON Director and Formulator of the pure minerals -  came all the way from Washington DC to visited our Menlyn Maine salon in Pretoria...

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BEYOND BEAUTY - What does it take to build a beauty brand - Meet Ego, Linda & Azania

Posted on August 06, 2017 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

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Those Miss Salon London Guuuurrrls!

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

So we had the huge honour of being featured on the C O V E R of Destiny Magazine July 2017 Issue! It was one of the most overwhelming experiences - certainly for me! Azania is already use to these things but I couldn't have imagined such a thing. I have been written about within magazines quite a few times over the years but being the cover-story cover-star is totally different!

Firstly the photoshoot was crazy-amazing-tense (for me!)

Nick Bolton was the photographer - he was brilliant and funny and made us feel at ease - although I was convinced I looked fat in every shot LOL...

Nthato Mashishi was the makeup artist - of course we know Nthato very well as he is a big fan of our MSLONDON Minerals and we've worked with him many times. He #Mineralised us to the God's !!

Saadique was the hair stylist - he's amazingly stylish himself - he sorted our up do's, down do's, big-hair do's and everything in-between!

Sheen wrote our story and interviewed us on the day during the shoot...

Ego Iwegbu Azania Mosaka and Linda Jangulo Destiny Magazine Cover Stars July 2017 Issue

More on this later...
Have to go now and get back to #WERK!
Watch the photo-shoot video on our YouTube Channel

Cheer cheers
Ego xx

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MSL | Miss Salon London | MSLondon ... and 2016!

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 2 comments

We closed off 2016 with an epic year-end party. But then again that’s what we’ve said about every party. EPIC. Check out the pics as proof of how awesome it was.

This is a time to look back, pause and reflect. We are thankful for everything. And I mean everything – the super lows and the dizzy highs. We’ve experienced so much in this long and tough year; but it’s brought us closer together, made us stronger, tougher and just better at what we do.

We started 2016 riding the wave of the successful launch of MSLondon Cosmetics from within our salons and feeling optimistic that our long nights of planning and work would be rewarded.

On the practical end and to keep up with demand - Natasha our Formulator was mixing more minerals than ever before in her lab in Washington DC, Hamida and Ego were constantly packing and labelling, myself and Linda were selling, selling, selling. On the planning end we worked on packaging, branding, customer feedback, better processes, logistics and distribution. We decided on Woolworths – a retailer that resonates with our brand of affordable luxury. We were set on having our outstanding mineral makeup retail in Woolworths and after a meeting with them in Cape Town in February, first an outright rejection that forced us to rethink our distribution plan then an unexpected email in July saying yes! Now MSL Cosmetics retails as part of the beauty counter at Woolworths in Mall of Africa. We introduced new packaging, better jars and the makeup is flying off the shelves. We close 2016 riding the MSLondon Cosmetics wave of success.

Miss Salon London – our beautiful boutique nail and beauty bars - now boasts a third salon in one of the most beautiful shopping centres there is, Menlyn Maine Central Square, Pretoria. We excitedly visited the site when it was under construction ready to call Pretoria home to MSL. As with any build, this didn’t come easy because the shop wasn’t complete on time with many quality issues but we remained resilient in the face of what at times felt like insurmountable obstacles. The experience taught us that as partners we are stronger together, to keep going and ploughing through challenges and that the right people are worth waiting for.

What a year! As our CEO Ego said to the team “If you want the best nails in town, come to Miss Salon London. If you want the best makeup in the world, come to Miss Salon London. We couldn’t have done it without the commitment and dedication of each and every member of our MSL FAMILY who help make the brand what it is”

Here’s to Miss Salon London! Here’s to 2016! Here’s to you!



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Posted on August 09, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

Join Ego Iwegbu-Daley this weekend and GET MINERALIZED!

Date : Friday 12th August | From 4 pm till 8pm
Venue : Cape Town Club | 18 Queen Victoria Street
Booking not required ; open to all!
For more information contact :

Date : Saturday 13th August | 3pm-7pm
Venue : Paradiso Academy | 41 De Villers Street Zonnebloem
Entry Fee : R180
Booking Required : RSVP :

Don't miss out on these exclusive opportunities to try out our outstanding pure crushed mineral makeup for yourself!

MSLondon Mineral Makeup Parties in Cape Town

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