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What is the Hair Piece??

Posted on June 03, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 2 comments


Azania Mosaka Hair Piece Azania Mosaka Hair Piece is XPression pictured here with Nthato Mashishi Azania Mosaka MSLONDON | Miss Salon London Azania and Ego in Miss Salon London Parkhurst wear MSLondon Mineral Makeup

Azania Mosaka uses X-Pression - braided half way, the free ends set in rollers, dipped in hot water and then dried. Done! Mystery solved! | Instagram @azania_

Ego Iwegbu uses X-Pression - twisted half way, a tiny knot tied to keep the twists from unravelling and that's it! No hot water. Free ends brushed everyday with a hairdryer set on low heat | Instagram @egoiwegbu

Ego's sides and hairline - are set with Nyxon Freeze Gel - Nyxon is a UK brand of freeze gel that is superior to most gels as it leaves the hair shiny, smooth and beautifully set for the day. No flaking. Nyxon will soon be available on our online store and in our salons.

Linda Jangulo uses X-Pression - mostly fully braided, or thick twists or full cornrows with ends dipped in hot water | Instagram @lindajm1

Ego Iwegbu and Linda Jangulo hair in Miss Salon London MSLONDON

Please add any comments or questions you have about our hair and makeup below.

Thank you for your interest and for loving our hair styles!! 

With Love & Gratitude!

MSL xxx

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More about Mineral Makeup - some unbiased information from a third party

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 2 comments

Our MSLONDON MINERAL MAKEUP is meticulously blended mineral makeup at its purest and finest. Our mineral formulas DO NOT contain Bismuth Oxychloride or Carmine.

Click this link to read more about mineral makeup

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Learn how to use our Mineral Foundation, Contour Powders & Banana Bread

Posted on April 05, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 2 comments

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Hot Female Rapper ROUGE got Mineralized by Nthato Mashishi - check out the video!

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

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Nthato Mashishi MSL MINERAL MAKEUP Tutorial - The Summer Look!

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

Watch the talented Nthato Mashishi create a fresh summer mineral makeup look in our gorgeous Parkhurst salon on Valentines day. His model was Chantel... they had never met before and Nthato colour matched her with Caramel 3 instantly!


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Boldness In Love - Azania's take on VDay 2016

Posted on February 22, 2016 by Azania Mosaka | 0 comments

2016 is made for boldness in love. Its a leap year. Valentine's Day this year also fell on a sunday. Thats a great cocktail for a social. We love hosting our clients and we wanted to make Valentine's day stand out. So we got to work. 
The French champagne house GH Mumm has been a great partner for previous salon events and didn't hesitate when we proposed a sunday chillaz around bubbly, makeup and love.  It was our own type of "Galentine's Day". If you watch the TV series "Parks and recreation", then you'll know the term was coined by superwoman Leslie Knope. It’s traditionally celebrated the day before Vday, and it’s tons of fun. It’s the perfect chance to get your #GirlGang together and CELEBRATE LOVE! This is regardless of your relationship status and its a celebration of all types of love. 

By now you know about MSLondon mineral makeup, but not everyone has been colour matched or seen how amazing the mineral makeup is. The day centred around mineral makeup, so we enlisted the skills of experienced and celebrity makeup artists Nthato Mashishi and Audrey Mofokeng to give the ladies makeovers and makeup tutorials. GH Mumm sent us sexy promo guys who charmed the ladies and kept the champagne flowing. The transformations just kept coming and our camera crews captured it all. Look out for our YouTube channel updates for videos of Valentine's day 2016.
What a damn good party. It took us all of two days to recover. Our monday management meeting was the shortest we've had. 
Mcwah! Thank you for being OUR Valentine.

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Life's too short to wait around for the perfect Valentine...

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

Now whilst we are not promising you any kisses we can promise you Champagne, a beautiful environment, great nails and outstanding mineral makeup... plus it'll be fun and much better than wallowing about being single; or worse with that partner that doesn't believe in Valentine's. Where's the romance!!? Ugh... anyway come hang out! We'll be the cool kids. And if you are one of the happy-in-an-awesome-attentive-romantic-relationship ones then even better... we'll get you ready for your romantic evening in or outdoors *wink wink xxx

Sunday 14th February
10am - 2pm
Miss Salon London Morningside RSVP NOW 011 326 5769
Miss Salon London Parkhurst RSVP NOW 011 880 6377
EXCLUSIVE MSL Mineral Makeovers by celebrity artists Nthato Mashishi & Audrey Mofokeng
G.H.Mumm Champagne

Don't miss it! 

VALENTINES fun at the salons

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