INTRO - Azania Mosaka, Linda Jangulo & Ego Iwegbu

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22 Feb 2019 // SPEAKING at the WECONNECT event held at Ernst & Young Offices in Sandton Johannesburg about the POWER OF COLLABORATION FOR BUSINESS GROWTH //

Meet MSLONDON & MISS SALON LONDON business partners Ego Iwegbu, Linda Jangulo and Azania Mosaka.

BUSINESS GROWTH SUMMARY It was through the partnership and collaboration of Ego Iwegbu, Linda Jangulo and Azania Mosaka, that over a 3 year period (2014 - 2017) the MISS SALON LONDON brand grew from one salon to three and then into the MSLONDON COSMETICS brand which retails from the salons and Woolworths stores.

In 2015 a natural synergy became apparent between the trio with each bringing a different set of skills and resources to the table. With this the opportunities for expansion began to present themselves which the ladies decided to capitalize on and start the growth, from a lifestyle business to an 'affordable-luxury' African brand - MSL.

With a clear vision for the future the power trifecta - as named when Destiny magazine covered their inspirational entrepreneurial journey - plan to continue the growth of their service business through franchising, and the product business through extensive distribution across Africa and on various digital platforms.

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