What is the Hair Piece??

Posted on June 03, 2016 by Ego Iwegbu | 2 comments


Azania Mosaka Hair Piece Azania Mosaka Hair Piece is XPression pictured here with Nthato Mashishi Azania Mosaka MSLONDON | Miss Salon London Azania and Ego in Miss Salon London Parkhurst wear MSLondon Mineral Makeup

Azania Mosaka uses X-Pression - braided half way, the free ends set in rollers, dipped in hot water and then dried. Done! Mystery solved! | Instagram @azania_

Ego Iwegbu uses X-Pression - twisted half way, a tiny knot tied to keep the twists from unravelling and that's it! No hot water. Free ends brushed everyday with a hairdryer set on low heat | Instagram @egoiwegbu

Ego's sides and hairline - are set with Nyxon Freeze Gel - Nyxon is a UK brand of freeze gel that is superior to most gels as it leaves the hair shiny, smooth and beautifully set for the day. No flaking. Nyxon will soon be available on our online store and in our salons.

Linda Jangulo uses X-Pression - mostly fully braided, or thick twists or full cornrows with ends dipped in hot water | Instagram @lindajm1

Ego Iwegbu and Linda Jangulo hair in Miss Salon London MSLONDON

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August 30, 2017

I am looking for certain type of faux locs hair piece. One that Eva Marcille had not so long ago. It looks real. Do you have that by any chance?


June 23, 2016

Hi Team,

I’m under impression that you are a nail and makeup bar. Would be so kind to also advise who your hairstylist is? Many thanks

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